Season 5: 2018-2019

September 11, 2018: Viva NOLA: Composition in New Orleans at 300 

Versipel New Music kicks off its fifth season with an evening commemorating New Orleans’ Tricentennial! From the burgeoning opera and symphony orchestra scene of the city’s earliest days to the eclectic and peripatetic scene of today, New Orleans has always been a welcoming home to classical music. Over the years, New Orleans has grown as a hub for contemporary classical music with many vibrant composers living and composing in the city. Such artists as Ben Stonaker, Maxwell Dulaney, Courtney Bryan, Jeff Albert, Anna Walton and Tucker Fuller have contributed their music to the rich musical tapestry of the city. As a free-spirited city with its unique convergence of cultures and eclectic traditions in music and in art, New Orleans wields a strong influence on its artists and composers. Whether they are native New Orleanians or transplants, the city undeniably leaves its imprint on the minds and music of its composers. By featuring music of today with works by “legacy composers” from turn-of-the-century New Orleans such as Clara Gottchalk Peterson and Edmond Dede, we want our audience to explore the idea of what present-day classical music is in our unique city and to think about the three hundred year journey from whence it came.

Marigny Opera House 7:30 pm
Tickets: Suggested Donation $25 Adults/$10 Students/Seniors

October 13, 2018: Visiting Artist: Craig Hultgren, cello and electronics

Versipel New Music welcomes visiting cellist Craig Hultgren performing a program of works for solo cello and electronics.

Location TBA
Tickets: Suggested Donation $20 Adults/$10 Students/Seniors

December 2, 2018: Versipel Collective: From Lands of Ice and Snow

Ahhhh, winter in New Orleans. Don’t you just wish it would snow? (Nope). Come and enjoy a concert featuring works that will invoke the imagery and feelings of winter without actually having to walk or drive in it alongside several new modern arrangements of medieval chants and carols in honor of the holiday season.


Marigny Opera House: time TBA
Tickets: Suggested Donation $25 Adults/$10 Students/Seniors

February, 2019: Versipel + Electronics

Versipel New Music continues its fourth season with an evening of stunning contemporary chamber music augmented with electronics from the United States and beyond.

Tulane University: date/time TBA
Tickets: Free/Donations welcome

March 14, 2019: Visiting Artist: Byrne:Kozar:Duo

Created by New York City based soprano Corrine Byrne and trumpeter Andy Kozar, the Byrne:Kozar:Duo presents historically informed performances of Baroque music for natural trumpet and soprano in addition to commissioning new works for modern trumpet and soprano. They have been said to create ‘an arresting symbiosis in their melding of voice and trumpet timbres’ (Textura) and that the ‘trumpet and voice seem to take on one another’s qualities’ (Bandcamp Daily).  Combining their strengths as performers and interpreters of both early and modern music, the Byrne:Kozar:Duo has commissioned new works by composers including Reiko Futing, Paula Matthusen, David Smooke, Scott Worthington and Scott Wollschleger.
Location/time TBA
Tickets: Suggested Donation $25 Adults/$10 Students/Seniors

April 4, 2019: Visiting Artist: Nouveau Classical Project

The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP) is a New York-based contemporary classical music ensemble that is “bringing a refreshing edge to the widely conservative genre” (VICE). It began by collaborating with fashion designers for its concerts and has expanded to creating multidisciplinary performances. Its mission is to engage new audiences and show that classical music is a living, breathing art form.

Location/time TBA
Tickets: Suggested Donation $25 Adults/$10 Students/Seniors


May, 2019: Versipel Collective: Storytime with the Versipel Collective

Versipel New Music concludes its fifth season with an evening of narrative and evocative works that tell stories through sound alone or with narration.

Location/time TBA
Tickets: Suggested Donation $25 Adults/$10 Students/Seniors

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