Versipel New Music wishes to thank our generous 2017-2018 Season Donors:

Joseph and Janie Besharse, Joseph DiPonio, Barbara McClure, David Schuessler, Stephen Suber, Kari Besharse, Philip Schuessler, Seth Guerra, Allen Dickerson, Lewis Schuessler, Erin Rogers, Ben Livingston, Brina Bourliea, Joe Shriner, Bill Shell, Mandy Peterson, Sam Kohler, Alex Morano, Richard Waltman, Erin-Lynn Hathaway, Rick Snow, Sheila Silver and Lisa Hooper

Support Versipel

Versipel New Music is back for our fourth season to present the latest in contemporary classical music to the New Orleans area! More Versipel means more sonic mayhem, more spontaneous creation, more ear candy, and more of the latest classical music written by composers far and wide.

Any donation will help us continue to present and promote the classical music of today in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Your charitable donation helps to ensure that New Orleans is a home to vibrant new music concerts and welcoming to the composers of today. Versipel New Music is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Any donation made to Versipel New Music is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Individual donations

Donations can be made online via PayPal:

Checks can be sent to:

Versipel New Music
71120 Lake Placid Drive
Covington, LA

In-Kind Donations

We are also interested in receiving in-kind donations of many types to help support our upcoming concerts and workshops. Certain types of in-kind donations may be tax deductible. Please contact us for details.

– printing
– xerox copier/copy privileges
– musical instruments
– rehearsal space
– music stands
– office supplies
– food and beverages

Volunteer Work

We are always looking for extra help during our shows. Please contact us using the contact form below if you are interested in assisting in this way.

Additionally, we are looking for people willing to assist with:

– logo and website design

– photography/videography during our concerts

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