The Versipel Collective: Story and Motion May 12 @7pm

Story and Motion

Marigny Opera House, May 12, 2019, 7:00 pm

Join the Versipel Collective for our season finale concert on May 12, for a collection of works that unite music, story, and motion.


Music is often considered the most abstract of all the artistic media, however, its power to sway the emotions, paint an image and tell a story is universal and an integral part of human experience. Also inherent in music is kinetic energy, motion, and the passing of time. Music, along with dance and film, are time based arts in which regularity, irregularity, rhythm, and duration become important elements.

This evening, we explore works that purposefully incorporate the ideas of story and motion through their inception and performance. Tom Johnson’s Bedtime Stories playfully and humorously unfolds several bedtime stories through music performed on clarinet with narration. The Collective will be joined by mezzo-soprano Brindley McWhorter for a special performance of Louisiana-based composer Monica Pearce’s breathtakingly expressive Leda Songs – a work that evokes the myth of Leda from the angles of three different poets. Moon Young Ha’s work Fairy Tale expresses the elusive, universal, and ephemeral importance of story. The Versipel Collective will be joined by dancer Rebecca Allen on composer John Cage’s Variations III and IV – a collaborative work that explores the connection between music and motion in real time. The concert will also feature a performance of Luciano Berio’s virtuosic Sequenza X, performed by trumpeter Shane Courville.

Sunday, May 12, 2019, 7:00 pm
Marigny Opera House
725 St. Ferdinand St. 70117
New Orleans, Louisiana

Tickets: Suggested donation $20 adults, $10 students/seniors/hardship

The Versipel Collective:

Laura Patterson, flutes
Wilbert Gilley, clarinets
Shane Courville, trumpet
Elise Butler-Pinkham, cello
Katalin Lukács, piano
Mendel Lee, percussion and narration
Philip Schuessler, conductor

With special guests:

Chloe Helene Groth, violin
Fanny Friadt, viola
Brindley McWhorter, mezzo-soprano
Rebecca Allen, dance

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