2018 Fall Fundraising Appeal

Versipel New Music’s 2018 Fall Fundraising Appeal


The Versipel Collective performing Mauro Saleri’s Grammatiche della Superficie at the Marigny Opera House 9/17/17

Versipel New Music is back for our fifth season, presenting the latest in contemporary classical music to the New Orleans area! More Versipel means more sonic mayhem, more spontaneous creation, more ear candy, and more of the latest chamber music written by composers far and wide.

Why Versipel?

Versipel New Music is a unique organization in our unique city. No other ensemble pours their hearts and souls into spreading the word (and the sound) of what living composers are writing today. We perform music as diverse and eclectic as possible – works with electronics, works that incorporate graphics and improvisation, and works that are traditionally notated for chamber ensemble. When you come to a Versipel show, and you will undoubtedly hear newness, you will hear vitality, you will hear music that is spontaneous and fresh off the press.

Your donation helps us continue to preach the gospel of new music by presenting concerts by our resident ensemble, The Versipel Collective along with visiting artists and ensembles from afar.

In order to cover our full season, which includes four main season concerts by the Versipel Collective and three visiting artist shows this year, we need YOU to be part of the action. Please help us out by sponsoring a performer, a piece, or even underwriting an entire concert!

Any donation, no matter how small will help us continue to present and promote classical music as a living, breathing art form and to show what composers are doing to artistically reflect the events of the present. Your charitable donation helps to ensure that New Orleans is a welcoming home to vibrant new music and supportive of the composers of today. Versipel New Music is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Any donation made to Versipel New Music is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Help us to raise $5,000 this Fall! Updates on our progress will be posted weekly.

If you make a donation $30 and above, you will receive your very own Versipel New Music T-shirt!!!

Versi-funds raised: $1480

Updated 11/29

Three ways to donate:

    1. Through our fundraiser on Facebook

    2. Through PayPal
      Donate Button

    3. Mail a check to 71120 Lake Placid Dr., Covington, LA 70433

Thank you for your support!

Kari Besharse, Artistic Director

Versipel New Music presents contemporary classical music, New Orleans style. Reflecting the breadth and beauty of the classical concert music scene of today, we perform music of the late 20th and 21st centuries — music inspired by our modern, peripatetic, global, and technologically-driven lives. Frequently collaborating with living composers both in the U.S. and overseas, our programs span a diversity of styles from fresh European modernism to U.S. postmodernism, with a heavy dose of technology, improvisation, and performer creativity thrown in. At a Versipel show, you’ll see and hear music that is recent and fresh from the composer’s pen (or pencil… or computer) — pieces that are often being performed for the very first time.

And that odd muse of mine,

My versipel, is with me everywhere,

In carrel and in car, and in my chair.

—Vladimir Nabokov, “Pale Fire”

versipellous /vɜːˈsɪpələs/

°changeableprotean; having a form, nature or appearance that changes often.

Versipel reflects the constant morphing of each individual’s artistic muse and how style in contemporary music continuously reforms, reshapes and grows anew.

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