Versipel New Music Season 4 Fundraising Blitz!

Leading up to our Season 4 debut concert, we are having a fundraising blitz! In order to present our full season, which includes four main season concerts by the Versipel Collective and two visiting artist shows, we need YOU to be part of the action. Please help us out by sponsoring a performer, a piece, or even underwriting an entire concert! Any donation, no matter how small will help us continue to present and promote classical music as a living, breathing art form and to show what composers are doing to artistically reflect the events of the present. Your charitable donation helps to ensure that New Orleans is a home to vibrant new music concerts and welcoming to the composers of today.

Donate now at!

Versipel New Music is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Any donation made to Versipel New Music is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


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